Building Community through Music

Being a musician can be one of the most isolating experiences or one of the most connective. Pianists have the reputation of spending hours each day alone in the practice room working on technique, musicality, rhythm, and perfecting each nuance of every measure of the music. There is often truth to this stereotype especially during certain stages of a pianists’ training and career. However, music also has the ability to connect people in a powerful way that builds bonds and forges community. I have spent many years as a collaborative pianist, and one of the reasons that I love my job is that I get to play music with all kinds of musicians, young and old, amateur and professional.

There is another way that music can build community and this is what Dream Lavender Music is striving to do. Dream Lavender brings together women in similar life stages (pregnant and new moms) to share in the unique experience of musical rejuvenation. Musical rejuvenation is a combination of relaxation activities, learning exercises, and creative outlets that allow mamas to focus on self-care while bonding with their babies. In addition, women will find a sense of community in this group of like-minded mamas who are sharing the universal and yet unique experience of giving birth to a brand new human! There is nothing in the world like becoming a mommy and to share that experience with other women is invaluable. New moms can give encouragement and advice to pregnant women and pregnant women can share their experiences with one another as well as their joys and fears. Music provides the backdrop to build these bonds and creates a catalyst for women to build community together.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique musical community, sign up today to attend one of our prenatal musical rejuvenation sessions.