Mommy & Me Preschooler Music Class

From: $120.00


Mondays or Saturdays 11:00-11:45am

This class gives preschool age children musical tools such as solfege songs, recognizing the elements of music, singing in tune, and an introduction to musical instruments. You and your preschooler will love exploring music and creating your own!

Choose the day of the week you’d like to attend (Monday or Saturday) in the month you’d like your package to start. Monthly packages will be for subsequent months.

Packages available: 

  • Basic (1 month) $120: Includes 1 month of Mommy & Me Classes
  • Extended (2 months) $200: Includes 2 months of Mommy & Me Classes
  • Premium (3 months) $275: Includes 3  months of Mommy & Me Classes
Day of the Week

Wednesday, Saturday