Parent and child playing piano

The Power of Music

The “power of music” sounds like a cliché and perhaps it is, but how true it is! I believe in the depths of my soul that music moves people. Stop and think…was there a time that music moved you to your innermost core? Maybe it was when you were young and in love and had “a song”. Maybe when you were heartbroken and heard a song that had you bawling in your car. Or in church when you suddenly realized what the words that you had sung your whole life actually meant.  Those of us who play music every single day sometimes take it for granted and grow cynical about the meaning and emotion below the surface of the notes. But then there comes that moment in time when we play a chord so beautiful or hear a melody so enchanting that it soars us to heaven and we realize that we will never stop making music because music is the expression of what words cannot say alone. I, for one, struggle with words. Saying words out loud sometimes feels physically painful and to be honest sometimes making music can be pretty painful too. But then there are the times when music feels like my soul language. When I’m in pain, but I can’t cry out, I make music. When I feel overwhelming joy and love, I play music. Sometimes when I’m just too tired to say words or even think, I sit at the piano and play. Whether all is right in the world or everything seems wrong, somehow making music puts things in perspective. But the music isn’t just for me. I want to give it to you too. I want to help you heal, give you refreshment, send you to a place of hope and peace. So close your eyes, take a breath so deep you feel it in your toes, and…listen.

If you need music to refresh your soul, sign up today for one of our prenatal musical rejuvenation sessions and share the beautiful gift of music with your unborn baby or enjoy making music with your child in one of our early childhood music classes.