A pregnant woman holds a sign for her unborn baby that says "waiting for you"

Why Prenatal Musical Rejuvenation?

Prenatal Musical Rejuvenation is an art form for pregnant women who want to have a peaceful, relaxing pregnancy.

Isn’t that EVERY pregnant woman?

But there are so many things that get in the way…jobs, responsibilities, family, well-meaning friends, car seats…you can add to the list. Musical Rejuvenation is a chance to leave all that outside and come in to enjoy bonding with your precious baby in a safe, musical environment. It involves live music, learning about music, and time to create your own music or engage in other art forms and relaxation activities. While it is extremely beneficial to the mommy-to-be, it is also beneficial to your baby. Studies have shown that listening to music while pregnant increases the neurological connections in your baby’s brain and improves memory, cognitive, and verbal skills. Did I loose you with the phrase “neurological connections”? Don’t worry-the reality is, music is GOOD for your baby and will make you feel great too! In addition to helping with your baby’s brain development, musical rejuvenation will make you feel calm and relaxed. As you can probably guess, feeling calm is beneficial to both you and your baby. Your baby will receive calming hormones through the placenta that will bring positive, peaceful feelings to both of you.

Did you know that babies can actually recognize music that they heard in the womb for up to a year after birth? This provides all kinds of opportunities for pregnant women to use music as a tool with their babies even before birth. You can start positive, musical sleep training with your baby before he or she is even born! 

If you would like to learn more about using music with babies as well as have a relaxing morning for yourself, enroll today in one of our Prenatal Musical Rejuvenation sessions or choose our premium package for unlimited sessions for the duration of your pregnancy. Imagine giving such a unique gift to your baby before you even meet the little one!